Weekly Pay-Day

How great will it be if you have just an interval of 7-days before your next Pay-Day? You’ll always have a smile on your face. HiWAP is giving you the opportunity to get Sufficient funds in your bank account every week instead of the regular 30-Days. When you join HiWAP, Fridays would be the best day ever because on HiWAP, your withdrawal Icon appears Magically every Fridays.

Working at Leisure

Every individual has either one or two things to do every day, hour, minute and second but with all tight schedules, you’re here reading this, you’ve watched movies of over 1hr length which also mean you can spare a minute or two for Hiwap. What if I tell you that 10 mins on Hiwap can fetch you 5K? Yeah, it’s that simple.

Optional Referral

If you are not good at referring, then HIWAP is for you. You could be earning at least N5,000 daily just by writing articles. You can also join Daniel’s Team to benefit from massive spillovers. Daniel’s Team also teaches its members how to get referrals daily if you wish to earn. Contact 080896294789 to join Daniel’s Team.

Best Response Team 24/7

Hiwap is so open to the level of Admin. You can always reach out to the Admin whenever you have a problem you want to rectify. You can also contact Daniel Adesanya as a support on 08096294789.

Below is the summary of some of the bonuses you are entitled to as a pro HIWAP member.

Once you compose any unique health related article, you’ll earn 1k instantly. That’s N10,000 for 10 articles.
Anytime you extend this opportunity to anyone, you earn N1000 Referral bonus.
1. Anytime you cycle out, you earn a mouth watering indirect commission.

2. Anytime your down line cycles out, you’ll also earn a matching bonus.

3. Anytime any of your down lines introduces a new member, you’ll earn 25% indirect commission that is after earning the first direct earning commission of 50%.

4. You have access to unlimited health products, tips and services with just a onetime upgrading fee of N2,000.
Isn’t this not amazing?

To register, click on the link below HIWAP
The link would take you to HIWAP site, click on the toggle navigation option, like it is on the screenshot below

Join HIwap

                   Then click on “Register” 

Hiwap Review

You’ll be redirected to the registration page. Like it is on the screenshot below

Ensure your sponsor is Phantom16 .  Insert your active and valid email address. Fill all other details, Accept Terms of  Service and click on   Signup.  After registration, click on the activation link sent to your email in order to activate your account.

How To Upgrade?
To Upgrade your account in order to enjoy all the membership benefits, contact the authorized HIWAP agent below to purchase your E-pin.
Call/WhatsApp Adesanya Daniel on 08096294789
You can also use the link below  to purchase your pin


Make Money Daily On HiWAP

The genuineness of this proposal depends on your trial. Based on daily search, people search for different online platforms that can eventually make them money but guess what, YOU have just landed on the right flight to that Destination.

We Congratulate you in advance because you’re now officially a Daily Online Earner. You just need to patiently read through the steps to your endless cashout.

Before my further explanation, let me quickly expand your knowledge of HiWAP. It is an Health is Wealth Affiliation Programme where you consume medicalprescriptions (tangible or intangible), observe yourself, post your observation and get paid for doing so. Yes! you get paid for talking about your own health.

When it comes to making money online, only 3 basic things are needed to ensure success. These are;
1.  Right Mindset
2.  Right Strategy
3. Right People To Work With  

➤Any mindset that makes you believe you don’t need to work in order to EARN is simply an illusion. You must put an effort that would yield result. No output without Input.

➤Any strategy that is based on selfishness can never prevail. Hence, TEAMWORK remains the best strategy. 
➤Run from any group of people that  would promise you huge amount of money without providing any concrete detail on how to realize the money. They are thieves!
The best business opportunity we can recommend at the moment is Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program, also known as HIWAP. Health Is Wealth is one of best platforms that shares health tips and educate its members and visitors on how to maintain wellness. 
If you desire to be well both financially and medically, then Health Is Wealth Affiliate program is for you! With determination, You could be earning a huge sum of money daily on HIWAP
HIWAP is a mega sustainable project that will last for centuries due to the fact that people roam on Google everyday in search of various health tips. Frankly speaking, partaking in this great project is one of the best life decisions you would ever take. This is not sweet mouth but the truth. We have forseen the potential of HIWAP.

How Does HIWAP Work?
HIWAP Offers You The Opportunity To;

➤Get Free Health Tips

➤  Earn N1000 Per Each Published Article

Earn Massively With or Without Referring (Via spillover effect)

➤Get Free Health Education 

➤Enjoy Unlimited Health Products and Services with the aid of  onetime optional upgrading fee of N2000.

How do i join Hiwap?

Registration is free, but
Once you pay your upgrading fee of N2000, you’ll enter a new board circle. 
Note: It is after you upgrade your account to “Pro” that you’ll be permitted to post and refer.

When you introduce two persons as your down lines, you’ll earn N1000 each as referral commission, Which is N2000 for the two down lines. 

When your two referrals brings their own two each, you’ll earn N2000 as indirect referral commission from your 4 sub down lines.

Because your 2 down lines now have their own two down lines each, you have automatically completed a cycle, you’ll also earn a matching  bonus of N2,000 for completing a cycle.

That’s a total N6,000 per each cycle. As soon as you complete a cycle, you’ll enter a new cycle where your previous down lines will meet you for continuity. 
You can complete as many cycles as you wish per day. 

As soon as you complete a cycle, you’ll enter a new cycle where your previous down lines will meet you for continuity. 
You can complete as many cycles as you wish per day.

You can also earn with the aid of spillover, even without referring anybody, all you need to do is just signup and those who will join after you will definitely fall under you. The faster, the better. The earning structure is just so sweet and favourable to everyone!

I can’t REFER, rescue me

If you’re the type who doesn’t have means or medium of reaching much individuals, don’t worry yourself cos we’re here to help. All you need to do is contact Daniel Adesanya for help:


Phone No.: 08096294789, 08162453701

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